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This is a FREE app, available for iOS and Android smartphones.  Once it is downloaded, simply conduct a search for PATRIOT OLD TIME RADIO.  Save it as a FAVORITE and it will be easily accessible whenever you open the app! The station will appear in tunein like this:

Another option is to visit on your phone's browser and SAVE it on your home screen.  Either way, you can play the station through Bluetooth to any capable speaker!  If you have Alexa, you can connect your Alexa to tunein and it will play the station on your Alexa devices!

Patriot Radio.  Keeping Americana alive through Old Time Radio programs

Streaming Internet radio is a little different than the AM/FM stations you may be familiar with.  However, it is just as easy!  One way is to just pull up the webpage, which is accessible on the computer and most smartphone devices.  The station may or may not automatically begin playing, depending on the type of browser in use.  Just above this text is a small box with an arrow to play, a pause button and volume control. You may have to adjust your main speakers as well.   The only commercials you'll hear on my station are those from long ago, that are so iconic, that they're as entertaining as the music and shows!

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