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All content within these informational POLITICS article is commentary or opinion by the writer, and is protected under Free Speech laws in all the civilized world. The information herein is provided for educational, awareness and knowledge, purposes only.  In no event shall this writer be liable for any consequential damages arising out of any use of, or reliance on any content or materials contained herein, neither shall the writer be liable for any content of any external internet sites listed and services listed. You must satisfy yourself of the validity of all and any of the sources provider to you as a result of this POLITICS article.
These are serious issues and intense pressure often falls on anyone who writes of such vital information regarding politics, from those powers-that-be who do not wish you to know the truth about anything other than what they want you to believe.  I ask you not to create problems by irresponsible use or spread of this much needed Alert information. But I still urge you to “pay-it-forward” to everyone wishing to learn, become educated, and receive knowledge regarding politics.   Follow up on your own research for educational information dealing with your interest in politics.
God’s peace be with you.


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Born from the pain, disappointment, and shock from events plaguing our healthcare, food industry, and political situation, Health Alerts was born.

Culminating multiple sources and well-scrutinized research, Health Alerts digests the overwhelming information available to produce articles that enables the reader to think outside-the-box, outside the agenda, and outside the realm of influence that the mass-media outlets either skew or outright ignore. 

We simply want to provide you with information so that you can decide the best course-of-action for your own life, your family, your community, and your nation.

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